The Camp

Every year about this time we start to plan for our last trip North for the season. A trip to the close the camp, some end of season fishing, and a beautiful drive through scenery that looks like it came from a Group of Seven painting.

The camp is rustic to say the least, but i love it up there.  Most of our time there is spent doing work that we hope prevents the place from falling down when we are not there, fishing, and cooking. The cabin is on a small lake  between Timmins and Wawa. It is has power, and heat by way of an wood burning stove and an old railroad furnace. We often use the wood stove to make pancakes, bacon, and the like, but slowly i have been mastering the art of cooking with a 1930s electric stove.
The oven takes some getting use to, but with an oven thermometer and some patience i am getting pretty good.

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