Wild Edibles ii

We had never cooked partridge before but had been told keeping them moist using the oven was difficult.  Being at camp where cooking comes second only to warmth and water in amount of time spent, we figured standing by a lake stoking a smoker on a sunny and crisp fall day might be a great way to spend an afternoon.

We would have preferred to use apple wood but hickory is what we had handy. So after soaking the wood, and getting the coals hot, we spread the birds out in the smoker tossed on some wood an let the smoke do its work.

About 3.5 hrs later we had some juicy birds. We ate them with a seasonal fruit compote of sorts and a wild rice casserole

Recipe for a moist Ruffed Grouse/ Spruce Partridge over smoke
Combine equal parts (for 4 birds about 1Tb each)
black pepper
olive oil
2 parts coarse salt
1/2 part fresh garlic
1/4 part cumin
rub birds all over with mixture
slow cook (about 170-200 degrees)  until juices run clear.

Fruit Compote

3 large leeks
2 stalks celery
2 apples, peeled, diced
4 handfulls cranberries
1 c water
salt & pepper
2 Tb Honey

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