Wild Edibles i

For some time now i have been thinking about how i  fit into the food system, and ways in which i can break away from the industrialized/processed food that make their way into my kitchen. I have been increasingly dismayed that i rarely see many of the products i know are farmed on my door step, and instead genetically modified versions or overpriced organics from half way around the world fill the shelves with little reference to the rhythms of the local farming.
One of the things i have been thinking about is how i can be responsible in the way i eat, meat in particular but generally eat more locally, seasonally, and have as few levels of removal between me and the food i eat as possible.

All of this inevitably lead to my thinking about hunting and gathering, and of course expanding the degree to which i produce my own food.  Living in downtown toronto farm animals arnt really an option. May 24th and Thanksgiving we usually make a few trips North. I have fished for some time, and have been aware of the edible plants in the area where i grew up (SW Ontario) but I am now actively attempting to expand my knowledge of wild edibles, and for the first time ever i went hunting.  Its something i have been considering for awhile, but i wasn’t sure if my philosophical belief that catching ones own food is good would match up with my ability to kill a living thing.

This weekend i hunted.

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