Wild Edibles iii

the hunting experience made quite an impression-besides the actual finding, killing, and cookingof the birds, I gained a new perspective on guns in particular.
I have never liked firearms and have always felt them to be innately dangerous –when i think of a gun i think of a loaded gun- something that cannot be safe.  I understand that there is huge range in kinds of guns, and now having seen the safe operation  of a small shotgun I have a better understanding of how there is a way in which guns can be used safely.

They don’t sit loaded, the shotgun used on our birds was only loaded after the partridge had been spotted, once loaded , fired. If not fired the cartridges removed. There was nothing automated about the process, nothing accidental. It was all deliberate,  intentional, and careful.  I don’t know why i found this surprising but i did.

Smoked birds – improved
We attempted to recreate our smoked birds at home, in the city last week. instead of the smoker we used our drum bbq:
we put a very few number of coals (half a chimney)
sloped up one side of my drum barbeque with a pan of water on the
grill atop the coals.  On the other side of the grill we put the four
birds, each with a big piece of bacon over the breast.  we cooked them
for about an hour (until internal temperature was 165F), refueling
once, and every once-in-a while stuffing some wet apple branches
through the grill and on top of the coals.  Discarded the bacon before
serving.  They could have been moister, so I think next time I won’t
add any more coals.

So that was our experiment and it replicated pretty well what we did
with the smoker.  The bacon was the key innovation.

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