Holiday imminent

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We decided as a family, not to buy presents this year–knowing that it would be hard to avoid all of the consumerism the holidays have to offer I started early on making presents –so that we could spread a little cheer without breaking our new tradition or the budget. And of course a lot of what i was making was for the kids. For the grown-ups there are red and white Wine Jellies (chardonnay and pinot) –each given in a bag decorated by tom (with potato prints) and a bird ornament (I made more of tom’s reward/advent birds).
For the kids: Chef’s hat and matching apron, “gingerbread” shaped ornaments we made and baked as a pre-holiday activity, that will be painted and decorated on one of our cold and lazy afternoons, flannel pyjama pants with expandable waist (I hope they last for a  good  year), a few more patchwork projects including both a quilt and quilted pillowcases, a gingerbread house to be decorated on the 25th (I hope will keep some of the cooks out of the kitchen, while the other cooks can prepare our feast), and of course lots of cookies for everyone….

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