Jean Skirt

I have been putting off no longer wearing one of my favourite pairs of jeans for months now. But new years eve the die was cast–no great resolutions, but some cold weather and one more unfortunate tear in an already stressed and several times over repaired pair of jeans–i could no longer wear them in polite company.

For a while  now i have been in the market for a jean skirt and had yet to find one in any local thrift stores, and dismissing the mall right off–the unfortunate state of my jeans seemed like the perfect opportunity….

I began by ripping the the stitches out of the inseam, from ankle to crotch up both legs.

Next i decided how long i wanted the skirt would be, I measured just above my knee, marked it with a pin. I added a about 5″ to this measurement (partially to ensure i included some of the ‘fade’s the knees but also i  wanted a 2″ hem). I then cut at this point through all the layers.
Next i took out the stitching creating the rest of the crotch. From just the bottom of the skirt i just created with my cut,  up to the fly stopping 1/2″ short of the seam forming fabric that covers the zipper.

Similarly I ripped the stitches up the back from the bottom to 2″ short of the waist band and belt loops, about midway up the pockets.

The jeans i was using were “straight leg” style. I had anticipated that i might need to add a small triangle of fabric at the front, but because the jeans did not taper at the knee that was unnecessary. I laid the pants on the floor, (with the button holes on the left side) and aligned the centre raw edges at the bottom. The left panel (formerly forming the crotch) naturally overlapped the rightside, I made sure this all laid flat, and then pinned it.
I sewed along edge of the left side, continuing the  seam from the crotch, all the way down to the bottom edge of the skirt . I repeated this stitch parallel to the first, to replicate the look of the double seam.

Then i turned the skirt inside out, and it on, the front fell correctly, but the back was wide open (with a lot of extra fabric). I grabbed the fabric and pinched the two pieces together just below my butt, i pinned it together and pinched again at the bottom of the skirt and pinned again.

Then i took off the skirt and pinned all along the back so that the seam running down the centre of the back of the skirt ran without puckers from the belt loops the first pin and then straight dow to the hem.
I tried it on one more time, inside out to check for fit. and then sewed along this seam.
Then i folded up the bottom edge of the hem 1/4″ and stitched straight around.

I folded it up again by 2″ and then sewed al the way around creating a 2″ hem seam. I suppose i could have just as easily let the skirt fray, maybe next skirt…

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