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When my partner and I first moved to Toronto we had an apartment on the main floor of a house. It was one of the nicest apartments we would have, and although small it had both a large and well equipped kitchen and wonderful light. the light filtered in through the windows all day, but was nicest mid day when it streamed through a large bay window in our “livingroom.” I discovered Orchids that year, and they flourished in the bright apartment. Since then we have moved several times, and much to my partner’s annoyance i have have dragged my ever increasing orchid collection with me–they look half dead, and since that first apartment i have only a few times coaxed a rebloom from any of the plants.

Today I have been redeemed. We have been in our house a little more then 6 months, and all of the orchids are looking better then they have in years. There is new growth on every plant, and most excitingly today i discovered two plants with new spikes (the shoots that produce the prolific blooms).

Best of all, the first orchid i ever received, while in that 1st apartment, produced a baby–the parent orchid died–but this little plant has been struggling along since, and today it has its first new leaf!

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