A curtain for Tom

Since i put up the blind in Tom’s room i have been unhappy with it. This week I finally motivated myself to fix it. I packed up and moved the curtain that hung in his room in our last apartment–hoping i could reuse it. A double-thick beige thing, that i had held together with hand stitching and some grommets–it was makeshift 2 years ago, when i knew the apartment was temporary–but on second inspection, hoping to resurrect it i realized it was really quite poor work on my part.

I tore out all the stitching, pulled apart the grommets and measured Tom’s window.
In a single layer i would have just enough for the curtain, but there would be two awkwardly placed holes where grommets had been previously.

Things came together fairly well , mostly by accident. When we first arrived here, Tom had asked for his room to have stars on his wall, so is obliged him with a quick paint job.
And in the past month my constant attempt to use up scraps by making Tom’s “reward” birds  had gotten a bit boring so I had cut out a few star shapes not sure what i would do with them but knowing Tom might like them …the curtain with its holes seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I am pretty pleased with the end result, and i dint have to spend a cent–not even on hardware to get the curtains up.

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