Thrift shop find

There is nothing quite like finding something great at a thrift shop, and yesterday was the best find I’ve had in ages.

I have been wanting to get a Pot rack, for hanging our cookware since we finished working on the kitchen-we have a bunch of cast iron which is a pain to stack and unstack-but turns out pot racks are out of fashion, or maybe they are too trendy. Anyway the only places i could find carrying them wanted far too much money and had really fancied them up–far beyond what i was after.
Up north we have a great pot rack, black, sturdy cast-iron, and i guess i just assumed the utilitarian style would be ubiquitous–i was wrong.

I just wanted a simple metal rack, and after seeing a $600 copper coated monstrosity at William Sonoma (and similar stuff online)  i was starting to loose hope–then yesterday in an effort to get Tom out of the house for an hour or two, we headed up to Bloor to survey the thrift shops and second-hand/ vintage stores.
While Tom rummaged in the bins of toys I happened upon the perfect pot rack in a pile of miscellaneous metal bits and homewares.  Tom found an amazing toy tool box filled with tools that whir and spin including a circular saw that is impressively realistic (although miniature and safe) and a harmless hammer (phew!) that beeps when it wacks things. I think we were both pretty pleased with ourselves.

Today i weighed the rack and all of our pots and pans, and I picked up some hooks with the right weight rating and got the rack up this afternoon.  The only place it is really convenient (and safe) to mount means that it disrupts the aesthetics of room i had set up. But i think practicality and convenience win out over the slightly disrupted sight line.

I moved some of the things on our shelves around in attempt to rebalance the room and I think it looks pretty good. Looking at the shelves reminded me that I have been trying to find a corningware mixing bowl to match the 3 i already have, i’m after a yellow one the next size up….

maybe I’ll get lucky on my next thrift shop excursion.

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