New Project: Full size Quilt

I have been working my way up to doing a full size quilt and last week i finally bit the bullet and went to get the fabric. It was to have been a present for Wills dad, for christmas. But i put it off–busy with other christmas projects, and knowing has visit would likely not be until the new year. February arrived and so did John and I had gotten as far as making the quilt top. Now i am finally getting around to quilting the layers together.

For the Top i used a couple of really pale prints in cream and beige as the background with large dresden plates from an assortment of nine darker, but muted prints in beige, dark and light blue, & red.

Finding enough room to stretch our the top, batting , and backing was a bit tricky. I ended up hanging it from a wall. Making sure it was stretched out and affixed to the wall with lots of super sticky tape.  Then using a ton of safety pins to keep the layers together while its being sewn.

once linned i started in the centre and outlined each of the plates with a quilting stitch around both the inside and outside of the plates.
Then I turned over the quilt and laid it out flat.  I drew a series of overlapping circles in 2 sizes with a dressmakers chalk.

I have now started to follow those chalk marks and stitch the layers together. I also found a really great fabric for the binding–it looks a bit like a print of linen.
I’m looking forward to finishing the quilting so that i can get the binding on. I think the final quilt is going to come together really well.


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