Pickles and Pâté

Its been a busy summer but I have been trying to keep up with making, using, recycling, saving, repurposing….

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I have been looking forward tothe spoils of fall hunting and harvesting as our tomato plants give their last and our cucumbers begin to shrivel on the vine…and in a few weeks we will go on the last of our our trips to camp for the year.

We came back from the August long weekend with blueberries  and pickerel. And I hope to come back from Thanksgiving having eaten some birds and other autumn edibles.  All the fungus growing around camp this trip, got me thinking once again, about harvesting wild mushrooms ( and that I need to find someone up there that knows whats i can pick and eat!)

This trip we saw the most enormous bear and a ton of partridge just sitting on the side of the road everywhere we went. And on one of daily walks to visit the horses and turkeys around the lake, T and I picked rose hips & blackberries–I think they would go well with smoked partridge, or wild rice. Anyway it got me thinking about all sorts of things i’d like to try. One is a version of an amazing slushie I drank while at a bath in Amman– I think it was called karkade- a hibiscus infusion, served cold and slushy while you get steamed in the baths.

Here rosehips have been  harvested and used in a similar tradition (even with the same sorts uses and pairings) as hibiscus tea/infusion for generations. Also, apparently the combination of rosehip & Hibiscus is quite lovely so i would like to try something using that…
With all this in mind i started flipping through cookbooks, and in my Charcuterie book and I came across a recipe I wanted to try.

Last week I set my hand to making the recipe–a traditional pâté–and one not made entirely of liver.  Bold seasoning &  pork shoulder butt join the mix  to create a more rustic then store-bought textured pâté–and for extra tastiness in went some duck confit that we made a few months back.
As well, last week the cucumbers were piling up around us and it seemed time for a pickle–and once your set up you might as well do a big batch, the cleanup is the same–so T and i set off to the market and picked up 10 lb of organic baby cukes, pickling dill, and garlic. We used grandma’s recipe and they turned out great!
We made a dozen jars baby “kosher” style pickles, 6 jars of our back yard cukes-sliced, and a couple jars of mixed spicy vegetable pickle.
T stuffed the jars and I filled and canned. lots of fun!

bring to a boil 1 c roselle petals & 1 gallon water
simmer 5 – 15 min
sweeten with 1/2 c sugar
serve warm, or place on shallow tray in freezer once cool to create a gratin/slushie. scrape the sides of the tray every 1/2 hr until desired frozen-ness is reached.


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