Camping Delicious

Our first and final camping trip of the year…

we had been trying to go camping all summer and never quite got organized until this past weekend. We drove through snow only 2 hours north of the city and launched our canoes in sunny but brisk 5 degrees after a short portage. a quick paddle across a lake and we were at our site.

One we had camp set up we headed out on a paddle around the lake. the wind was a bit stronger then ideal but the scenery was lovely and the smell of the fresh air invigorating.

We returned to the site by mid afternoon, but with only a couple of hours of light left, we went straight to the forest to forage for fire wood and get dinner started.

With the fire burning and our root vegetables prepped we waited for enough coals for to cook over. We kept a good fire going to one side and raked coals across the pit to create a bed to rest the dutch oven on. after not to long the Beef shanks were tossed in the pot to sear. Once well browned we got saltpork cooking and then the onions and garlic and then  in went the carrots and turnip. We added a bunch of red wine, some sage, rosemary, and thyme.  Sweet and russet potatoes were oiled and wrapped up in tinfoil and put on the fire separately. Our vegetarian  companion, had brought along an already cleaned out pumpkin. While we seared our meat she sautéed  her share of the carrots, turnip and onions and then stuffed it into pumpkin with some quinoa. the pumpkin was tossed in the fire on the coals next to our dutch oven. Oiled and wrapped in a few layers of foil the pumpkin cooked along side the stew…
We kept the fire going and the coals refreshed by which time the sun had set and it was barely 5 pm. by 6 we were in pitch black and the stew was at a good simmer. By 7 we were ready to eat, and the meal was glorious!
Between the continuous fire,  the leftover wine, irish whiskey, and several layers of clothing we kept warm and the trip completely reignited my interest in camping.


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