learning to knit

after years of sort-of knowing how to knit i decided to take the plunge — someone, my grandmother i think, taught me twenty years ago, and i found it to be a totally frustrating experience.  Turns out I was being taught how to knit left-handed continental style.  In the years since have tried to take it up again but  teaching myself was difficult and confusing and its hard to find left-handed knitters.   i gave up on the continental style, and attempted to re-learn right-handed but it was no use…thankfully there is YouTube.

I joined a knitting club, watched some YouTube and in the past month have managed to start and finish a few projects.
I found some bulky yarn, and decided to try my hand at making a ‘cowel’ of sorts. I have been finding my scarf a bit cumbersome with the kids, having it unravel at inopportune moments, drag in the mud  and really all i wanted was something to stop the draft from getting  in around my neck. I couldnt find a pattern for waht i was looking for, and truth be told reading knitting patterns is not a skill i have as yet aquired–so instead i just tried to imagine how a knit dickie might be made. who knew as a n adult i would attempt too make myself my most hated piece of winter apparel–a faux turtle neck (the only thing i hated more as a kid was turtlenecks) after spending a few days on my own i managed to get to a  knitting circle meeting and realized what i was doing was not knitting. once i figured out how to make a classic knit and pearl stitch left handed it was easy.

some circular needles and a bit of guidance on the likely number of stitches i would need, i came up with this:

next i wanted to learn how make ‘ribbing’ & use more then one yarn, i went for the easiest option 2 yarns in alternating stripes. The stripes are not particularly visible but that was kind of the idea–it hides the mistakes.
Tom asked for one in his size too, but “with a pompom please”…

I seem to be slowly improving, maybe by next winter i will be ready to make a sweater–for now i’ll stick to hats & scarves.


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