Children’s Book Collaboration

A good friend and i have started to collaborate on some kids stories, writing & illustrating

I am starting with Tom’s story next is Mo’s….

This is Tom.

This is Tomʼs camp.

This is Tomʼs mom setting up the water pump .

This is Tomʼs dad, chopping wood for the campfire.

This is Tomʼs friend, Koda

There is a lot of work to do to set up camp in the spring. Sometimes, the neighbours come by to help, Hello, Greg! How is Pat doing?

Little mice made a nest in the sheets. Bye bye little mice! You belong outside.

Uh oh! trouble with the water pump! Tomʼs mom and dad know just what to do.

Tom is a good helper, he puts the pegs in the dining tent.

Once the water is set up and the cobwebs swept away from the outhouse, and the food is put away and the beds are made, it is time to have a campfire.

Tom roasts some marshmallows and his mom and dad have a beer.

Then he goes to bed under the mosquito net, listening to the crackle of the fire outside. Lying there, he hears his mom and dad sitting on the porch, laughing and whispering. Tom feels happy.

Tomorrow he will go and play with his friends at the beach He will go fishing on the lake He will go for a walk with Koda and see the horses and the turkeys that live up the lane.

Tom closes his eyes. He hears some crickets and an owl. He hears the wind in the trees and the water from the lake lapping up against the old dock. He hears a screen door close and the night noises of his parents getting ready for bed.

The moon rises over the lake and a little light shines through the curtain onto his face. His mom peeks in. “Heʼs asleep,” she whispers.

The floorboards creak as she tiptoes back to her room and then everything is quiet

Good night crickets good night owl good night Koda

good night fire good night canoe and good night fish

Good night little mice good night stars and good night wish

Good night camp.

words: Fiona Jager pictures: Jessica Shepherd

I was initially apprehensive; children’s illustration is not how i  would describe any of the  art i have done over the years…my stuff tends to be more abstract or from life–illustrative not so much.  after a bit of blank canvas anxiety this is what I came up with–still working it all out–more to follow…


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