kid shorts

T has been growing like a weed–  faster then you can say “emergency underwear purchase” the pants that needed to be rolled up 3 times 2 weeks ago, are now clam diggers. So I was looking for a good pattern for shorts and pants that i could make big and then alter/adjust to move from fitting today to still fitting at the end of the summer.
A friend  suggested i check out the blog “Made” for the Kid Pant tutorial (  and what a success!

T picked the fabric, and i used some scrap  to lined the inside for a bit of contrast when rolled up. I used “maternity elastic” (the elastic with button holes) so that the waist could be expanded as needed & set the pockets a bit low so they will work with a taller T. I also had to add an inch or so to the top of the  Made pattern to give T some more space in the rise–but all in all pretty adorable.

I also repurposed a pair of Ws shredded jeans to make T some “cut-offs” adapting the pattern a bit more. I only opened one of the seams on Ws jeans and used the original outer leg seam, unaltered.  pulled off the waistband and belt loops and reused them, using maternity elastic at he back, and sticking with the flat front, and moved the classic levi back-pocket to the front…. I haven’t managed to get T to do a final fitting but will post a photo once he has put them on.


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