family camping success

a resounding success for our first family camping trip.

we were eaten by mosquitos, deer flies, and i think a few black flies & horse flies too–but nothing that couldn’t be treated with some “after bite” and a touch of self control (no scratching!)

I made my most successful campfire breakfast, and look forward to experimenting with more delicious campfire meals  through the summer. I hope we have lots of weekend trips between now and November.
Our new plan for getting to the camp, stop half way and camp a night to break up the drive.

The trip resulted in a few creations–besides perfecting my granola , biscuit, jerky  & salt pork  recipes for camping, i also rigged a “kitchen roll” to carry everything we needed for food prep/cooking/clean-up.
It needs some adjustments/additions but its pretty efficient–as long as you’re not intensely concerned about weight.
this trip was a short portage from car to the launch, and then a short paddle to the site -for any similar trips or car camping there are a few extra things i would bring–and i think i may have a sewing project or two that would make sleeping in a tent more comfortable. Although what we really need is a bigger tent and another sleeping pad!

I also seem to have finally mastered making biscuits, over a fire in a fry pan
Our menu:
dogs in buns +
hummus, veggies, pita & hard cheese
maple oatmeal/ granola
eggs, salt pork, baked beans, & biscuits


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