1st pattern, who knew?

Turns out I find knitting way more rewarding (and less tedious) if I follow a pattern, I have no idea if the end product will be wearable (fingers crossed), but making a tiny baby cardigan as my first pattern-following project is going well. The pieces are small and by the time you finish following all the directions the piece is practically finished.  Its also not totally demoralizing if you need to pull out a couple rows.

I picked up some pastel “baby” yarn and found it worked out predictably enough, so i invested in some more interesting, less baby coloured yarn of a similar weight, now I can play with colour. Looks like the sweater I started first will also be done first–which is good as its ear marked for a friend’s imminent newborn, the other I have to keep for our baby; T picked out coordinated yarn in a heavier weave “so that our whole family can have matching hats, because baby’s don’t have very much hair and she will need to keep her head warm…”




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