Kids Jedi Cloak Pattern –

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T came with to the fabric store and found fabric he felt was “perfect for making a jedi cloak.” I managed to pick up a couple of metres of his perfect brown fleece for $8.  I did an internet search, but was not impressed with the ‘jedi’ patterns, I found and there were surprisingly few adapted for kids-and even fewer that were set up like a typical pattern that you could scale up and down for sizing-so I had to wing it. I sketched it out on a grid and then scaled it up onto newsprint before cutting the fabric. With a few measurements I think it could be made in any size, after all its basically a bathrobe.
T & I were both pleased with the result…  instructions below & pattern to follow.

First take some measurements:
1. Height – base of the neck to the floor (less 1″ so it isn’t dragging)
2. Armpit to floor (less 1″ so it isn’t dragging)
3. Arm Span – from wrist to wrist across the shoulders
4. Neck to Shoulder – from base of neck to shoulder joint
5. Shoulder – across shoulders, full width from joint to joint
6. Hood – from base of neck up over head to base of neck on opposite side

For the main body of the robe you will need to know
A/ height (#1),
B/ armhole (#1 less #2),
C/ neck hole (#5 divided by 2, less #4)
D/ armpit to floor (#2)
for the hood:
E/ front of hood (#6 divided by 2)
for the sleeves:
F/sleeve length (#3 less #5, divided by 2)

once you have the A-F measurements you can print off the pattern pieces and then scale them up with the grid or by free hand it using the pattern as reference. I tried to keep the shapes simple which I hope makes recreating the shapes easy.


Once you have the pieces measured out, add a 1/2″ seam allowance before cutting.
The main body piece is for both the 2 front pieces and the one back piece.
cut 2 FRONT body pieces.
To make the BACK body piece, place the A edge on a fold.
Cut out 2 sleeves: to make ONE sleeve, place F edge of sleeve on fold – if there is a right side to your fabric, make sure to reverse sleeve before cutting out the second sleeve
cut 2 hood pieces

Create shoulder seams:
Sew the body pieces together, by sewing along the shoulder–attaching the front to either side of the back piece.
Attach sleeves to body:
Next align the centre fold of the narrow end of the sleeve with the shoulder seam and pin along the sleeve edge to the arm hole. Repeat on the other side. Stitch the sleeve to the body along the armhole.
Enclose arms and side seams of body:
Stitch from the cuff of the sleeve to the armpit down the side of the body. Repeat on other side.
Sew and attach hood:
Stitch the two halves of the hood together from front top to the back. Pin the centre of the hood seam to the centre back at the neck opening.
Pin and then stitch the base of the hood to the neck opening of the main robe, there maybe extra hood fabric beyond the edge of the neck hole.
Finish seams and hem bottom edge and sleeves if necessary.


One response to “Kids Jedi Cloak Pattern –

  1. T must be over the top with his Jedi robe. No doubt, the sabres are in full motion at your place – watch your back or should I say your head and any valuables!

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