Wall Quilt

image image-1
  I set this project down after being totally unable to figure out how I wanted to finish it off…I was having a weird, (I presume pregnancy related), failure of skills that usually come to me naturally–I had irreconcilable indecision over colour choices;  inability to bake ANYTHING, to the point where I was convinced my flour had gone bad;  I became obsessed with spacial organization, nothing seemed to fit and I couldn’t visualize mentally how it ever would–totally bizarre. And for someone in the throws of nesting, completely disorienting. I have at times felt pregnancy to be a bit of an out-of-body experience…or at least felt very much like my body was not my own, but not even during my last pregnancy, did I feel so much like I was not me.

I know every pregnancy is different, but wow.

At any rate this quilt was one of the many victims abandoned until January when after a few weeks,  all my ‘abilities’ (and sense of self) returned. In less then two days I managed to pick the binding, quilt the layers and finish it all off. Now its delivered, yay!

I have since confirmed that my flour was perfectly fine (as was my yeast, baking soda, etc…) and have been successfully producing baked goods for the last week or so. Making up for lost time (or over compensating), my counter is covered in loaves of bread, squares, muffins, coffee cake, granola…


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