preschooler Wrist warmers



I had been doing lots of knitting and misc. sewing since the fall in preparation for our new arrival, S, due the first week of March. But as my belly grows I find the amount of time (and energy) I have available to spend on my various projects is diminishing–or being spent on all those things you have to do before the baby arrives- like gather and wash all the onsies i put in storage almost 5 years ago.

I did however manage to create these wrist warmers for T a few months back–to deal with the forever problem of mittens coming un-tucked from the wrist of Ts jacket. And now that he is in school all day, and expected to fend for himself, we needed an easy solution. This little number slides over the mittens and  up his mid-arm bridging the gap between mittens and sleeve-

Much to my delight they passed a true test this weekend when we were buried in a 5year storm of snow (30cm, a big deal in downtown TO where most people I know dont even own proper boots) and Ts little wrists stayed warm and dry….

Pattern is below & pictures to follow.

Preschooler Wrist Warmers

1 Ball, 70m, 80g,  Bernat “Softee Chunky,” School Yard, Super Bulky (#6 weight)
1 set (4), size 7US Double Pointed Needles (DPN)

Circumference 6” 
Length about 8”
13 sts and 22 rnds to 4” over St st using size 7 needles

CO 24 sts and divide evenly onto 3, DPNs

K1P1 rib:
Place marker for beginning of round (RND)

RND 1-24:                        Rib for  24 rnds ( about 4”)– make longer to cover more ‘wrist’
RND 25-29:                        K all sts, for 4 rnds

Increase (of 6 sts) for hand:

RND 30            K 12, Place Marker, Knit front and back (Kfb) of next 2 sts, Place 2nd Marker then knit to end of round (26 sts)
RND 31            K 26 sts, slipping markers
RND 32            Kfb of 1st stitch after marker, and last stitch before marker, K to end of rnd (28 sts)

RND 33            K 28 sts
RND 34            Kfb of 1st stitch after marker and last stitch before marker, K to end of rnd (30 sts)
RND 35            K 30 sts

For thumbhole
RND 36                        K 15 sts. STOP (in middle of rnd between markers) TURN over and Purl back across all stitches  (WS) to create thumbhole

Work back and forth in St st for next 8 rows ending in a WS row:
RND/ROW 37,39,41            Knit (RS) Rows
RND/ROW 38,40,42            Purl (WS) Rows

close thumbhole
RND 43-46                        knit all sts, connect thumbhole, by knitting last stitch of ROW 42 to first stitch of RND 43, continue to knit to end of rnd, knit 3 more rnds.

RND 47-49                         K1P1 Rib for 2 rnds
Cast off, thread tail thru last stitch and weave tail in.


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