Getting Ready for Sam

I started this post and never quite got around to finishing it, then…well then S was home and who has has time for anything in the first few weeks at home with a new little one…

T  never had diaper rash, but I was never sure if it was because he wore cloth diapers, because we were lucky, or because we never used store bought wipes and instead used and all natural rinse that we picked up at our then local health food store.

At any rate, I couldn’t find the stuff that we used with T when we were getting ready for S. Then while in hospital S developed the worst diaper rash I have ever seen-raw & bleeding. The hospital would not let me do what I would do at home, and the nurses admitted that the cream they prescribed for him would in fact cause the rash to return as soon as it was discontinued.

When we got home I went about creating something we could use to clean Sam’s bum that was created just for him. And hopefully, not only not irritate, but soothe his raw skin.  I came up with this, our
Instead of Wipes Bum Solution©

Sterile water
Pure aloe vera
Witch Hazel
Natural soap, vegetable-based
Oil, such as olive or almond
Essential oil , lavender or rosemary


I mix up 1.5 litres at a time and then dilute it in a spray bottle.
When his diaper rash was severe we wouldn’t even wipe his bum -we still don’t really. Instead we use the spray bottle to spray him clean and then dab him dry with old receiving blankets or baby cloths used exclusively for that purpose.

His rash cleared in 3days and no sign of it since, and our young one is now 8 wks 🙂

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