Homemade reusable snack bags

A new school year and I am looking for ways not to spend a small fortune on  (and ruin the planet with) disposable bags. I try to wrap things in paper but sandwiches get hard, crackers get soft, cheese dries out and everything gets covered in juice from squished fruit…
After a lot of searching I found a possible “bento” box style lunch carrier but I am not convinced the money will be well spent (it seems unrealistic to expect it would survive the entire school year even if ones child is the worlds most diligent and responsible 5 year old).
A quick  evening of experimentation yielded these little baggies….









The largest is still smaller then would hold a standard sandwich, but we dont go in for sandwiches around here….unless deconstructed.
The little bags are already getting lots of use.
Since making these I have seen a few other designs that I’d like to test run and I would like to try a nylon lined bag as well as a bag with a zipper. If I can find the time…


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