Winter holiday planning & projects

a cookie exchange, a ton of ideas for presents & winter holiday projects… I have had a few requests and I have a few projects I would like to try. I think this year holiday will be all about some creative experimentation.

project 1 : 10 dozen maple ginger cookies (with lemon stained glass?) for my cookie exchange full post

project 2:a A fun seasonal craft that can be completed (more or less) by kids aged 1-3 full post

project 3: Coordinating a photo of my kids (both my off spring and those i care for) with santa full post

project 4: Doing something with said photo so it can go home full post

project 5: Snow globes-T has decided to give all his favorite people homemade snow globes (containing his favorite superheroes) I have no idea how we will make this one happen full post

project 6: A crafty present the kids can gift to their family-that won’t just be stuck in a drawer.full post

project 7: Batman costume for T full post

project 8: I think will have to wait for the new year, i have another bookwork in mind…this one around kids in the kitchen (checkout posts in the for small handscategory

ongoing projects: Knit with Noro for others, for me, the colour(way)s are just amazing &full post
help baby S sleep so I have the time and energy to do all these things -Ha!


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