freezer paper stensil + silk screen

I started doing freezer paper stencils to brighten up a few stained onesies . Then T made a few requests for his ghostbuster costume…then there were birthday hoodies for the kids.
Now instead of candy in Ts birthday pinata he requested custom Ghostbuster shirts for each attendee.

Instructions for your own freezer paper stencil below.







Instructions for freezer paper stensiling:
1.trace your image onto freezer paper, shiny side down.
If there is more than one color do each color for the image on a separate sheet of paper.
for example, I used 1 piece for the red “no” symbol and another for the white ghost.
2. cut out stencil with an exacto knife to cut out all the shapes.
3. lay your fabric flat so there are no wrinkles. place a piece of cardboard or scrap fabric inside the shirt so the paint won’t bleed thru.
4. get a little fabric paint on a brush with short bristles and dab
paint onto stensil in an up and down motion.
5. let dry.
6.Apply more paint as needed (dark colours may only need one coat whereas light colors like white they need several. If you’re using dark fabric you may want to begin with a layer of white before applying any color.
7.remove stensil once paint is dry.
8. If your stensil has more than one color, you can now iron on your second sheet of freezer paper repeat steps 4-7.
8. Go over the outlines with a black fabric marker.

For the names on our ghostbuster shirts I used masking tape to create a rectangle, painted it red.
let it dry.
I then used letter stickers to spell out the names then i painted over the whole thing with black. once dry i removed the stickers.
under the stickers remained red while everthing else was black.


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