paper mache pinata


We started with 2 balloons taped together for Slimer’s “bum” and a mickey mouse shapped balloon for the head/torso.
Our paste was 2 c flour 1/4 c salt & 8 c water. wisked over med heat until smooth and bubblrs just break surface- about 3 min.
will keep in fridge 5 days
day 1
We gave the ballons 2 layers of paper mache and let dry.
to do this, we used 2″ strips of newsprit submerged in paste removed of excess layered over the balloons
day 2
using cardboard and wadded up newspaper taped and then covered in more paste covered strips; we created basic shapes for nose, eyebrows lips etc.
Arms were built using cardboad and toilet paper tubes covered in 1 layer paper/paste.
day 3
pop balloons. Attach the 2 halves of the body with tuck tape and added another layer of paper & paste.
added arms and covered w/ 1 layer.
Then covered the wet layer with strips of “slimer green” tissue. painted down using a wide brush dipped in paste.

day 4
we cut a small catch near back top to add pinata prizes.
continue to add layers of tissue till ink from newsprint is hidden

day 4/5
add final details with paint or other decorations.
fill & cover over hatch with tape & a layer of paper/tissue & paste.

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