Ghostbuster themed party

Made according to explicit directions from my 6 year-old, and confirmed Ghostbuster expert:
A Slimer pinata
Instead of loot bags, custom Ghostbuster shirts & LEGO
A homemade icecream cake topped with the final scene of the movie (sort of).
A camp fire,  hotdog and marshmallow roasting, (& Chili for the grown ups!); a fun day!

wpid-20140427_144235-1-1.jpg  wpid-20140427_144231-1.jpg


wpid-mntsdcardPhoto-Editor2014-04-28-08.46.20.jpg.jpg      wpid-20140417_125158.jpg
T insisted that the cake be decorated with the final scene from the movie. I managed to track down some GB minifigures, but T created “Gozer” with pieces from other lego figures and then made the archway as well.
We made the stay-puft Marshmallow Man out marshmallows and
marshmallow fondant icing.
All of this was placed on top of out homemade “gold medal ribbon” icecream cake.


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