unseasonably warm socks

I fell in love with sock yarn; one in particular, many inspecifically.
In order to justify my sock yarn purchases I needed to learn how to knit an adult sized sock, (preferably two).
It seems, however, a shame to spend so much time only to have the heels or toes wear thin and then get holes. I wanted to create socks that would fit my feet (its always difficult for me to find a good fit as my feet are long and narrow), but also that could have their toes and heels, reinforced according to my own needs & also be easily mended/replaced.


For these socks I combined a few patterns – the heel was added after the rest of the sock was finished, as were the cuff and toe. The toe and heel are both reinforced with nylon renfocing thread, and by weaving into the back of all the stitches.
Slip stich based patterns are my new favourite and as a knitting blogger i follow pointed out this pattern (like all my favorite to knit repeat patters) is easy enough to remember but complicated enough to keep me interested.

A pdf of my pattern is here.


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