Hunting Leg Warmers

No really, blaze orange leg warmers. Knit up with cascade 220 super wash



The next step is to knit up matching hats, for the whole family–safety first;) and maybe some wrist warmers too (fingerless hunting gloves?)
I like this idea (
Hopefully all will be complete before my annual October birding trip. The idea was for this project is to help me learn cable knitting (and how to read a chart….you can see that I didn’t totally follow my chart and there are a few mistakes but the legwarmers are for me so I’ll live with the mistakes and let them remind me that I am steadily improving and try not to think about ripping them out.
I read this blog post with great interest and found it really helpful for understanding cable:
My leg warmer pattern was based loosely on the “Duchess” pattern on ravelry.
I love the look of the Twizz set pattern for the hat and gloves ( but I might start with something a little easier till I am more comfortable with the cable…i still cant predict how a pattern will look just by reading the stitches, which means that I can’t alter the pattern so no customizing…which is kind of my thing.
oh well, maybe by the time i finish the hats i will have figured it out.


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