Gifts: handbound leather journal


I was reminded a few weeks ago that I used to make little leather covered note books. In university , and even after I would bind together nice writing paper  in a little leather usually with a simple wrap closure, and carry it around in my bag or pocket. Of course this was in the days before smart phones, before my address book and calendar (and everyone else’s) were linked with  my email and a map…and a memo pad. Before I could dictate my grocery list to my phone and have it order the items by isle at my favorite grocery store (I love my apps).
Back then If i made a new friend I would write down their phone number and email and later go home and put it in my adress book. I would make “note to self” in the margins of the paper i carried to make lecture notes….
At any rate I recently attended a gathering and as I was leaving home, it occurrd to me I might want to take notes. So I grabbed one of my old (half filled journals) off the shelf, tossed it in my bag and headed out.
When I pulled out my little book I received several compliments on it. And I though to myself, thats right once upon a time I made these like it was nothing. Not only that but other people like them–they make great gifts.
(I’d been wracking my brain for a useful, and thoughtful gift for a friend recently and this seemed to hit the mark).
That night when I got home I pulled together some supplies and made my first journal in, what I think is probably 10 years (am I really so old?!).

It turned out great, and I have since made a couple more. I think an accompanying miniature pen/pencil would be a nice touch…or perhaps follow-up gift.
I will be picking up some leather ends on my next trip to the fabric store…yay new projects!


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