Seasonal Fruit Pie Sour cherries, Strawberries, & Rhubarb


I have been out of the habit of making pies, the last one being several months ago, a moderately successful lemon meringue.
But for going on two years I’ve had a serious hankering for Sour Cherry pie. Why dont I just go buy one you ask? Two reasons, I don’t love pastry…theres almost always more in a pie then I care for, and I like my pastry better (isn’t that why I learned to bake in the first place) AND I decided a few years ago If I was evet going to get my sweet tooth under control I had to stop buying baked goods. No store bought cookies and cakes – if i wanted to eat them I’d just have to make them….oh and cherry pie is easy to find, but sour cherry more difficult.
It worked…mostly, and the number of hommade things we consume at my house is pretty high. The occasional lapse (pizza take out night and the occasional canned soup) but mostly we are a ‘from scratch’ household.

I pointed out a sour cherry tree to my son and mentioned my desire for pie and wouldnt you know it, with help from dad, the kids managed to pick a couple of baskets worth of sour cherries, just enough for a pie – all the motivation I needed!
I like baking, especially pie, and obviously I like them to turn out well but this was a particular success!
One of my go-tos for baking recipes is Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. I used my favorite sweet short crust pastry recipe, (Jamie Oliver’s with granulated white sugar subed in) and Wanda’s cherry pie filling ratios-my filling used a 1/2 c vanilla infused sugar.
My pie required one further modification; I was making my pie to be cooked from frozen.
So I preped my bottom crust. Sprinkled it with sugar and put in in the freezer (where i already had my sour cheeries washed, pited, and frozen). I tossed the frozen cherries with the corn starch and sugar etc. Filled the crust and popped it back in the freezer while I rolled out the top crust.
I made a classic latice top, so once my strips of dough were ready I wove them and pinched them onto the not yet frozen bottom crust. I double wrapped the whole thing in layers of plastic. Then a ziplock and put it in to deep freeeze. It made the 10hr journey North to camp packed in the bottom of our cooler and when we arrived at our friend’s I popped it into a 350 oven for 2hrs.
I checked on it after an hr, and once baked I let it rest the duration of dinner (an hour+?)
It turned out beautifully and was soooo delicious! The perfect balance of sweet & sour, flaky crust (not soggy!) A show stopper. I wish I’d taken pictures!
Guess I’ll just have to make another.

I made my first strawberry pie this summer too. Not much to it, the strawberries were picked by my me and my youngest at a local organic farm. The berries were too delicious to end up as strawberry rhubarb jam so with help from little hands we made pie.

Glossy and sweet the strawberries gooey and delicious with a shortbread like crust. Yum!
Single crust pie dough- rolled out edges folded under, crimped, sprinkled with sugar and baked blind.(i sprinkle with vanilla sugar and add lemon rind to my dough)
4c ontario strawberries, hulled
2/3 c sugar
3 Tb corn starch
1/2 lemon’s ( rind for pastry )& juice
2 Tb butter
Place 2c of perfect strawberries in crust.
Combine remaining berries in a sauce pot with above, press berries down to crush and simmer 10 minutes till thick and clear.
Stir in lemon juice and butter.
Once well combined pour into baked crust. Let cool and set, at least 2hrs.
Serve with whipped cream.



We did of course end up making jam too…T cooked up some homegrown rhubarb with our organic strawberries. ..and after those ran out we sourced some CSA low spray berries at our food co-op.

Next post Ts Teacher gift of Jams….


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