Playing catch up

I have been totally remis in posting of late. Several projects on the go,, summer vacation and weekends away, work, and kids all taking time…and none left over.
I have recently finished some projects that had been sitting on the back burner(s) -some for months and a couple for YEARS.
Feeling refreshed after a little holiday I wanted to post on some of them and get back to basics with stuffithinkisneat.
I started blogging as a log, a journal to keep track of things i was doing. I like to experiment and after trying a few approaches I can usually find a method that works for me for whatever project. But after some time has passed I almost always forget and I have to start from scratch or near scratch if I do it again. I also get bored easily, so if I think I have figured it out I move on…

So here I am playing catch up.

I have a few posts worth of things but today I thought Id start with some baking…before I forget.

I have done lots of posts on process…but right now I just want to write down the recipes that I used in the last couple of months for seasonal fruit. Recipes that worked.
Strawberry pie (my 1st)
Strawberry rhubarb jam
Strawberry jam
Sour cherry pie (prepared to be baked from frozen!)
Yellow Plum Caflouti, yum!
There are also some crowd favorites that Ive been asked to share the recipes for:
Potato salad with pickles
Corn Salad
Guacamole with Grilled Onion & Mango
AND I have been making some crafty things too but later on those:
Lots of super hero costumes and custom stensiled shirts for my kids.
And baby gifts for some spring & summer & fall babies–in the past several weeks I have put together a few gift baskets for new moms (4 new babys in as many weeks).

LOTS to post about stay tuned….


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