Seasonal Fruit part 2


I LOVE ontario strawberries
I look forward to them all spring, waiting for the first summer crop mmmmm.
This year we picked berries and when it came time for T to do his teacher gifts jam seemed to hit the mark.

You can read about how we made and packaged our gift over on image

But really what I want to remember for next year is the math of strawberry jam.
I always spend way longer then I would like trying to figure out how much sugar i need, should i use pectin, and if i do how much…..
I recieved 8 boxes of berries in my “flat”
I believe the boxes were “pints”
Each pint worked out to a little more then 2.25c WHOLE berries
1.5c Quarted berries
So begining with 2 pint boxes, i got a little less then 5c hulled berries (weighing 2lbs)
Once quartered the 2 lbs of berries measured 3c by volume.
So here is my recipe:

3c strawberries, hulled and quartered
3c rhubarb, washed and chopped
6c sugar
1 lemon’s juice.

If you follow the joy of cooking’s instructions you shouldn’t need pectin.
(If you do buy pectin follow the guidelines on the package).

I also made jam with just strawberries
This is my low sugar (no pectin) recipe:
8 c whole berries
3 lemons
3.5- 4c sugar
(You could add up to 3c more sugar but thats really sweet!)


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