Cherry pie redux


I finally got around to making a follow-up sour cherry pie….except that it wasnt really a sour cherry pie at all.
I think it would be better described as a not too sweet end of season bumbleberry pie.
I was running low on sour cherries so i threw in blue berries cranberries, sweet cheries an apple and a handful of rhubarb.
I put in a little orange zest with some all spice & cinnamon forgetting that despite the popularity of the combination im not a huge fan of the orange cranberry mix.
Still it was delicious, beatiful out of the oven, and this time i remembered to take a picture of the lattice top.


It was also prepped & cooked from frozen like the sour cherry from my earlier post, and turned out just as well with little fussing!
It was a great end to our (Thanksgiving) Harvest Feast.


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