Luke Skywalker Costume, ROTJ

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Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker

Pleated vest
Obi (wide belt)
Black shirt with mandarin collar and fold down ‘bib’

Ladies black collared button up shirt
10″ square white fabric
1.5 m dark grey fabric
2 slip closures
1 lg snap
1 sm snap

I removed the collar from the shirt,  turned it inside out rounded the the edges, steamed, and topstitched before reattaching.
I cut off the sleeves of the shirt where they measured just above the wrist, I similarly removed the cuffs, rounded the edges and reattached.
I removed all the buttons reversed the closure so the button holes were in behind and sewed up from the bottom to the midpoint os the stirt.
I removed extra fabric from the lower portion of the women’s shirt, re-hemmed the shirt, and used the removed fabric to create 10 inch square for the bib
I sandwiched my 10 inch white square with my 10 inch black square right sides together, sewn all the way around with a quarter inch seam allowance.
I then turnedsteamed, topstitched,  and placed on the upper half of the shirt front, about 2″ down from the collar. Pinned in place, I sewed along one side across the bottom, and up about 1/2 way on the other side of the square.
I put a tiny snap closure on the corner of the open flap and on the shoulder of the shirt ( matching corner of the bib).
The large snap went at the top of the shirt just below the mandarin collar.


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