Minestrone Soup

Our soup tonight turned out exceptionally well, better then usual so I wanted to get it down before I forgot.
In a large pot
4 cups mirepoix
(2 onions, =2c
5 carrots, =1c
4 ribs celery, = 1c)
diced and sweat in olive oil with
3 cloves garlic minced
4c stock (homemade roast veg or chicken)
1 can whole tomatoes, drained and chopped
4 c water
Simmer, add
1/2c -1c red wine
Reduce heat add:
1c white beans cooked drained and rinsed
1 c kale shredded and packed
2 handfuls green beans rough chopped
2-3 sm zuccini diced
1 Tb oregano fresh chopped
2Tb basil fresh chopped
Season with salt and pepper
Simmer 30-40Min.

Separately cook
1/2 c smal dry pasta (such as orzo)
In water or broth.
Or add pasta to Soup and cook 10 min.

Add a scop of cooked pasta to soup bowls, ladel full with soup and top with
1Tb fresh grated parmesan per bowl .

& serve.



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