The endless battle

To finish projects I have planned…or started and then have been side-lined for any number of reasons.
I had a few days off and managed to finish some very over due items.

Baby blanket, baby was born in November…but it took me this long to get to the quilting. I set myself the second deadline of Easter, and I had a very specific plan for the quilting–giant dandelion seed pods.
It turned out well and I manged to eek out a matching easter basket. (Plus one for each of the other cousins). And at the same time i finished off S’s quilt which i had planned to finish while enjoying the days off I would have between duedate and birht because of course he was going to arrive after late. he didn’t.


This month I also managed to do a few of my annual creations, a Pi shirts for S and his bestie. Plus a birthday cake for them to share with the drop-in gang (their birthday’s) falling during the week-long march closure, and a cake for the family celebration. I think his two favorite things are pretty obvious.

3rdcake st

pi wolf




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