Garden plans…growing food.


This week I had a craving for minestrone soup and it got me thinking about my garden. I most often make minestrone at the end of the summer when I’m using up the bits and pieces from my  (and often our neighbour’s prolific) garden. I have had a plan in mind for weeks (months?) about what are backyard would look like this summer – it started last summer when we decided to take back our yard. The previous year we had a  baby, and the otherside of our back fence was a loud, dirty and glaringly industrial construction zone. We were short on time and ideas. But a new fence made a big difference, and this spring I wanted to put the push on to turn my fallow yard into a food producing garden. But its already the end of May, The 2-4 weekend has come and gone, my perennial garden is finally starting to turn green, and our slow cold spring looks like it is truly yielding to the summer.But I am no closer to planting our summers harvest. Time to get to work.
I priced out the options for building my own raised beds and it turned out the most efficient and cost effective option was to simply order pre-cut “kits” from this fantastic company ‘cedarcraft.’

Precut, shipped in 7 days, made from reclaimed, Canadian red cedar. perfect.

now I just have to prep the yard, and figure out what I am going to plant.



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