Plotting & pergola perfection…

A long wished-list project has finally come to fruition- with some planning and a whole lot of DIY.
It started with the garden plots, that have in the last few weeks exploded. But we were having trouble enjoying the improved yard. It was just too hot and sunny to be out very long. Especially with the kids.
The plan: to eliminate the main problems with our back yard, too much sun, not enough privacy, and an ugly concrete patio.
Solution: a pergola with a shade.
We spent a day building a kit and once complete started customizing it to our backyard & life.
When we first discussed a pergola or deck a few years ago I knew I wanted vines to cover whatever structure we chose, to add shade and some green. In an inspired bit of planing I planted 2 vines at the edge of our concrete patio. They effectivley divide the yard in 1/3rds width wise and in half by depth. For the last two summers I have been training them up to nearly 6 feet tall. Once the pergola was up i was able to guide the new growth onto the beams.
We added privacy curtains to block out the lousy view and unwated light at night.
And put up a latice screen on the fence to create an additional visual screen for when the curtians are open.
I want to keep the fence as open as possible so that we still get late afternoon and early evening light for the plants and lots of airflow / breezes.
I then Re-purposed some outdoor lighting,
Freshened up some inherited treasures with spray paint,
Created planters from old galvanized containers,
Spruced up some old furniture and….
Poof, backyard oasis! the perfect place to eat, make, and grow.






There are still a few projects I hope to complete before summers out.
I’d like to do something about the “floor” of the pergola. We still have our ugly patio though its less noticible now.
Next year, patio furniture.


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