Ts Proton pack

f3a0ff9d-b1f7-4b73-9413-4079a86775adT recently discovered the ghost heads (through a netflix doc) and in an effort to prove himself worthy of one day starting his own chapter he wanted to make a GB1 movie accurate proton pack to go with his newly acquired flight suit.  The pack was to be made mostly of recyclables, to keep it light, but also aiming for it to be as close to the movie packs as possible.

He spent most of the last 2 months keeping an eye out for materials and had gathered together most of what he needed.
He asked for a special trip to an electrical surplus store to get a few of the harder to replicate parts — namely a ribbon cable and some 10 gage wire in appropriate colours. Just about everything else was found around our house.

He started with a Styrofoam sheets he traced and cut out the major shapes and stacked them for added depth. He covered the base with black tissue (Styrofoam melts if it makes contact with certain glues and spray paint).

He used hot glue to attach most of the first layer of items then everything was sprayed with black spray paint.

Next  a number of cables were attached. At this point T also examined some of the “gbfan” pack plans, and decided to make some changes.  The beer can “booster” and frame weren’t working as attached, so they were reworked, along with the “injector” tubes. He saw a you tube video that used a microwave plate cover as a cyclotron so he added that as well.  The “ion arm” was extended with a recently acquired tic-tac container. Day three also resulted in a minor hot glue injury so I stepped in to help with some of the detail work (cyclotron) and final gluing.

By this point we started to add some lights. We found a strange solar powered single led light on a thing we had bought at the dollar store for its tube (one of those reflective driveway rods) we took out the light and attached the solar panel to the side of the “power cell”. T coloured some frosted plastic (a produce box) blue and glued a strip on the inside of the box. as the solar charge fades the light inside makes it look as though the “power cell” is running down. Pretty cool.

He also made the basic shape for the “Proton Wand/thrower.”  The base shape was styrofoam covered in tissue, with tubing from a loot-bag prize – a light up pen. Lots more cables and wires were attached to the pack with a combination of hot glue and drilling holes into plastic so that screws could be tightened into place.

Bike lights (left over from our light saber birthday party)  were mounted under the cyclotron cover – the cover held in place by the “bumper” with velcro so the lights can be turned on and off. Everything was then touched up by hand with paint. Mostly black and metallic to get the details “just right.”

Finally the labels were added. Back pack straps and a belt we attached to a piece of black poster board that was then attached to the back of the pack.
The younger brother was lucky enough to inherit the previous proton pack.


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