Rainbow wreath

After coveting a wreath from a Home Sense a friend and I decided to try making our own felt flowers for a “festive felt flower wreath” I don’t go in much for holiday colours per say – our (secular/pagan) tree is a motley assortment of 3 generations worth of childrens stuffed and homemade ornaments, we have no mantel (despite my best efforts)  and our table centerpiece is left to my eldest, an 8yrold who goes in for a combination of hanukia, dreidels, sparkles, and nut crackers.

Also all the tutorials seem to suggest I would be spending A LOT of time making flowers.

I looked through a few DIY tutorials and thought about my wreath much the way Delia over at deliacreates.com thought about creating a felt flower crown; So much effort goes into each flower I didnt want to be constrained by gluing every flower in place. I wanted to be able to switch flowers according to my mood and the season.

First I created a colour map fo how I imagined my wreath might look just to get an idea of the number, size and colour of flowers. I had envisioned a fun “rainbow wreath”.  I figured 10 colours (2 greens, (kelly & lime) , red, fuscia, orange, yellow, aqua, blue, violet-I had a few scraps (tangerine, forest green,turqoise, cherry red) that I could use here and there.

 I procured some large pieces of felt in rainbow colours (1/4 m) and started making with help from tutorials by DeliaSomething Turquoise,  Craftiness Is Not Optional and Urban Acres.

I started with a few basic flower types and techniques and then mixed and matched.

Basic techniques: 


Loop center

Petal flowers
Layered-petal flowers
Wrapped flowers

Folded petal (fold an wrap, fold and stack)


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