Ice cream cake

I like the homemade icecream cake because I can make it lactose free! But my kids like because we can combine any of their favourite flavours. 
What you’ll need.

9″  round cake, cut into 2 or 3 layers

4 litres ice cream in at least 2 flavours.

10″ Spring form pan

2 c crushed cookies, candies, fruit (m&ms, reces pieces, sliced strawberries)

(Whipping cream)

(Instant jello in a similar/complimentary flavour)

Start 3 or 4 days before you need the cake as each icecream layer needs to be created and frozen individually. Buy or bake a 9″ cake. We made a “rainbow” flavour boxed mix.

We baked the cake, let it cool completly then  sliced into 3 layers.

Next I softened a litre of vanilla icream (30 min. on the counter or 20 seconds in the microwave) meanwhile I lined my springform Pan first with plastic wrap, then with parchment paper a cutout circle along the bottom and a strip to go around the edge to create a ring a little taller than the sides then. Then I mixed it in the standmixer till smooth but still quite cold- not soupy, less then 2 min.

I overlapped two pieces of more plastic wrap on the counter to create a work surface – later the plastic Wrap will be wrapped up around the outside of the springform pan and over the top of the cake . 

A note on the layers: you can completly skip the cake layers and alternate icecream with crushed cookies or candy, or even fruit. But if you go that route you may also wish to add a layer of sundae topping (strawberry, chocolate, or caramel) in the 4th layer.

Layer 1

I scraped the softened ice cream into a medium ziplock bag snipped off the corner and piped the ice cream on to the bottom of the springform pan and up the sides about, all to about 1cm thick.

I used a spoon to smooth everything out. Working quickly, then I folded the plastic wrap up over the cake and stuck it in the freezer. Freeze till solid 2-4hours.

Layer 2/3 and 5/6

Soften a litre of flavoured icream, i added a few drops of food colour, whip till smooth not soupy. Then pipe or scoop and then spread a single layer of the ice cream a little thicker than a 1cm, on top of the vanilla. No need to pipe up the sides. Place a single layer of cake on top of the soft ice cream, wrap it back up in plastic and place the whole thing back in the freezer. Let freeze solid, 4hrs.

Layer 4 (optional)

You may want to skip this layer but it can add a little something extra. It is especially nice if you decide to go the no cake just icecream option. Add a layer of crushed cookies/candy/fruit.wrap it back up in plastic and place the whole thing back in the freezer. Let freeze solid, 2-4hrs.

Repeat with a flavoured icecream layer as above. You may need to pipe some of the soft icecream down and around the edges, to fill in any gaps between the edge of the spring form pan and the cake. Wrap it back up in plastic and place the whole thing back in the freezer. Let freeze solid, 4hrs.

Last (bottom) layer

Soften the spread the last pint of icecream leveling it out with the top edge of the pan. 

Wrap the whole thing back up in plastic and place it in the freezer. Let freeze solid, 4hrs.

Icing – optional

Youll need some extra freezer space if youre going to ice the cake over the icecream. I usually dont bother, but if you want a store-bought-professional-look to your cake, go for it.

Whip 3c whipping cream to soft, add 1/2 c icing sugar + 1tsp vanilla and food colour if desired. Whip until stiff.

Alternately, instead of sugar & vanilla add instant jello or jello pudding. Whip till stiff. We like chocolate. 

Fill a piping bag or ziptop bag with the corner cut.

Remove cake from pan, you may need to wrap a tea towel soaked in hot water around the pan to loosen it.

Place a plate a least a few inches larger then cake over top and flip. Remove spring form. Smooth edges with off set spatula or icing comb.

Pipe the whipping cream around the edges and top put the whole thing in the freezer until frozen solid. Once frozen, wrap in plastic, store until ready to serve. 

Will keep several weeks. Cut with a warm knife.

Pictured cake is vanilla icecream, birthday cake flavoured icecream, rainbow/confetti cake. 

Other flavours we have used: vanilla cake, vanilla icecream, orange sorbet, honey graham cookie.
vanilla icecream, chocolate cake, fudge sauce, Peanut butter cookie, chocolate pudding flavoured whippedcream frosting.

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